Bioinspired Design (MECE 426) Course Details

Course Name: Bioinspired Design
Code: MECE 426
Pre-requisite Course(s): Consent of the instructor
Objective: The primary goal of the course is to introduce fundamental concepts of biomimetics and bioinspiration, to develop students’ abilities to look for creative and innovative solutions of engineering problems, and to design biorobots by using bioinspired creativity and inspiration.
Content: Within the context of the course, bioinspired products are introduced and a bioinspired conceptual design methodology for biorobots is described in detail. Bioinspired sensors, actuators, control and computing for bioinspired products and process, modeling and methodology for bioinspired conceptual design are discussed during the semester. Case studies support the studies on bioinspired conceptual design.
Term: Spring
Theory: 3
Application: 0
Laboratory: 2
Credit: 3
ECTS Course File: Course File
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