Numerical Analysis II (MATH522) Course Details

Course Name: Numerical Analysis II
Code: MATH522
Pre-requisite Course(s): Consent of the department
Objective: This graduate level course is designed to give math students the expertise necessary to understand, construct and use computational methods for the numerical solution of certain problems such as root finding, interpolation, approximation and integration. The emphasis is on numerical methods for solving nonlinear equations and systems, interpolation and approximation, numerical differentiation and integration as well as the error analysis and the criteria for choosing the best algorithm for the problem under consideration.
Content: Iterative methods for nonlinear equations and nonlinear systems, interpolation and approximation: polynomial trigonometric, spline interpolation; least squares and minimax approximations; numerical differentiation and integration: Newton-Cotes, Gauss, Romberg methods, extrapolation, error analysis
Term: Both
Theory: 3
Application: 0
Laboratory: 0
Credit: 3
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