Cognitive Robotics Laboratory

Mission: Research

Founding date: 2008

Laboratory Sponsor(s): Atılım Üniversitesi

Bioinspired control architectures, postural stability, learning how to walk, bipedal walking systems, central pattern generators, two wheeled robots, robotic mirror therapy, bioinspired target tracking, mimicking of human panic system are some of the research topic in CRL.






Design, Manufacture and Control of a Bipedal Walking Platform for the Purpose of  Cognitive Robotics Research

Relevant Institution/ Organization: Atılım Üniversitesi Bilimsel Araştırma Projesi / ATÜ-BAP-A-1112-01
Beginning-ending date: Jan 2012 – Dec 2013
Summary: This proposed project involves design, manufacture and control of a simple biped walking platform that can move its structure, balance itself on its two legs. Control implies the system to walk on its two legs while maintaining its balance, and without considering the side-turn dynamics. This control structure is aimed to be bioinspired. Research in cognitive robotics area has been progressively increased in recent years. Control structures which mimic motor control structures that exist in living creatures are being applied to robots, there exist works on robots that have close behavior similarity with that of living creatures. In this field, researchers  from different disciplines are working together, important steps are being taken in order to understand the living creatures and for the purposes of tranfer from them to the robotic structures. In literature, different research studies exists on topics from insect walking control, to human posture balancing, and to processing methods of signals that originate from sensors in humans. Also, research on bioinspired control, walking robots, and mimicking of human motor control are being held at the Cognitive Robotics Laboratory of Atilim University Mechatronics Engineering Department. In this project, construction of a distinct system is aimed on which researchers from different disciplines can work, bioinspired control structures can be developed, and new projects can be proposed.  Controllers that are expected at the end of this project will have systematic structure to be applicable to different walking robots as well. This project is a detailed work that includes periods for mathematical modeling, mimicking, system design, controller design and application. Development and assesment of posture and walking control, and of new control structures in bioinspired regulation areas, and contribution to cognitive robotics with a unique platform that enable multidisciplinary work are aimed. Research and approach by means of this project has a quality that can accelerate works on humanoids.


Laboratory personnel:

Assist. Prof Dr. Bülent İrfanoğlu



Engineering Faculty - A2 Block No. B3012 • • T. 0312 5868373