Bio-Mimetic/Bio-Inspired Design Laboratory

Mission: Education (Undergraduate, Master's, Doctorate), Research

Founding date: 2010

Laboratory Sponsor: Atılım Üniversitesi

This laboratory has expertise on analysing (mainly motion analysis) biological system under laboratory and natural environments.






Name Function
High Speed Camera Photron Fastcam MC-2 Color 10K, upto 10,000 fps high speed camera. 8.5-51 mm Navitar TV zoom lenses.
Motion Analysis Programm TEMA Motion® 2D Motion analysis software.



- Development of biomimetic design methodology with reverse engineering in cognitive recognition and control of biomimetic robots

Relevant Institution/ Organization: TÜBİTAK
Beginning-ending date: 2010-2012
Summary: This is a completed joint project with  Craiova Üniversity, Romania. In the content of this project having a very wide research  field , using the facilities of the BioMimetic/BioInspired Engineering Design   Laboratory, a methodology design by biomimetics (DBM) to be used in design of biorobots, has been developed. In this project researches for fourteen (14) motion types and twentyfour (24) different biological system has been performed. For some of the biological systems researched/analysed  studies are made to show the application of the methodology and some prototype biorobots are made.

- Undergraduate Research Projects Courses

Relevant Institution/ Organization: Atılım Üniversitesi
Beginning-ending date: 2012-2013
Summary: This is a project assigned to the Mechatronics Engineering Department students under graduation status in the academic year 2012-2013, in the content of courses  MECE 407 ve MECE 408 Undergraduate Research Projects  I and II. In this project realised by fortyone (41) students, 10 project group and  8 academic supervisors, the materials needed are provided by the project budget. The research subject studied under this project and in this lab are;
Human Gait Analysis Studies
Human Hand Gripping Motion Analysis Studies


Laboratory personnel:

Prof. Dr. H. Bulent ERTAN
Lab. Responsible

Handan KARA




Engineering Faculty - A2 Block No. B3012 • • T. 0312 5868373