Sensors, Actuators and Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Mission: Education (Undergraduate, Master's, Doctorate), Research

Founding date: 2007

Laboratory Sponsor: Atılım Üniversitesi

 The laboratory develops fundamental understanding in sensors and actuators and  provides computational algorithms for increasing cooperative mobility of mobile robotic swarm systems. The  use of intelligent solutions in mechatronic systems such as fuzzy systems, neural network and neuro-fuzzy are developed for generation of mathematical models, simulation and control for various mechatronic systems. Such intelligent approaches help to get new functional and quality capabilities of the mechatronic systems.





The equipment of the lab is  a two-channel digital oscilloscope, a multimeter, a function generator, and two PC. The National Instrument's LabView software tool suite is available to provide development of programs to control and read the instruments. In addition the equipment includes a manual power supply for general use. A wide ammount of various sensors for a wide range of applications also in use.



  1. electronic nose
  2. speech immitation
  3. swarm robotics
  4. flow measurement
  5. DC motor Control using SC methods


Laboratory Responsible:

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet GUNES



Engineering Faculty - A2 Block No. B3012 • • T. 0312 5868373