Job Opportunities

Mechatronics engineering is an engineering discipline advanced and born as a result of the technological developments we have experienced in the past 30 years. Both fast-growing technology and ever-changing market conditions increase demand for economic and quality products, while product users demand more flexible and multi-functional products.  Mechatronics engineering has been developed to meet these needs.
Mechatronics engineering is also active in the sectors such as production, automotive, aviation, defense systems, medicine, agriculture and animal husbandry.
Examples of mechatronic products which are widely used are given below. This list is the expanded version of M. B. Histand ve D. G. Alciatore.

  • Airbag safety systems in vehicles, ABS braking systems, remote door locks, driving and cruise control, engine and power system control, passenger safety systems, and similar systems in vehicles,
  • NC, CNC, AC benches, fast prototype production benches, and similar automatic production benches,
  • Copiers, fax machines, electronic typewriters, and similar office machines,
  • MR devices, arthroscopic devices, ultrasonic probes, and other similar medical devices,
  • Automatic focusing cameras, Video cameras, Video, CD and DVD players, CD recording and similar electronic devices for personal use,
  • Laser printers, Hard disk head locators, Tape drives and loaders, CD readers and printers, and other computer accessories,
  • Flight control actuators, Landing systems, Cockpit controls and devices, and similar aircraft systems,
  • Automatic garage door opening systems, Security systems, Air-conditioning systems, and similar home and office applications,
  • Washing machines, Dishwashers, Automatic ice machines, and similar home appliances,
  • Variable speed drills, Digital torque switches, and similar tools,
  • Material testing equipments and similar laboratory equipments,
  • Bar code systems, conveyor systems, and similar factory automation systems,
  • Manuel and automatic controlled hydraulic brakes and similar materials handling and construction machines,
  • Automatic labeling, Quality control camera and similar quality control and packaging applications,
  • Real input control systems in video games and Virtual reality applications.