List of Mechatronics Engineering Department's Laboratories

# Hall Laboratory Name Director
1 Hall  Mechanical Machine Shop Dean
2 Hall A Mechanical Measurements, Machine Elements and CAD Laboratory A. Erden
3 Hall A Industrial Automation and Robotics  B. İrfanoğlu
4 Hall A Mechatronics Assembly and Testing Hall A. Erden
5 Hall A Mechatronics Prototype Manufacturing Laboratory A. Erden
6 Hall A Gait Analysis and Exoskeleton Robotics Laboratory A. Erden
7 Hall B Cognitive Robotics Laboratory  A. Erden
8 Hall B Design Methodology and Behaviour Based Robotics Laboratory Z. Erden
9 Hall B Bio-Mimetic/Bio-Inspired Engineering Design Laboratory  A. Erden
10 Hall B Flying Robotics and Robotic Vehicles Laboratory A. Erden
11 Hall B Sensors, Actuators and Intelligent Systems Laboratory  A. Erden
12 Hall B Robot Vision Laboratory  A. Erden
13 Hall B Robots Students Society Laboratory A. Erden
14 Hall C Humanoid Robot Laboratory A. Erden
15 Hall C Mechatronic Systems Laboratory B. İrfanoğlu
16 Hall C RoboZoo A. Erden
17 Hall C Robots' Town A. Erden
18 Hall C Embedded Systems B. İrfanoğlu
19 Hall C Space Mechatronics and Satellite Systems Design Laboratory  A. Erden
20 Hall E Undergraduate Mechatronics Engineering Education Laboratory  A. Erden
21 Hall F Swarm/Colony Robotics Laboratory A. Erden
22 Hall F FESTO Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Laboratory A. Erden
23 Hall G Funded Industrial Research Projects Laboratories A. Erden