Promotion of Mechatronics Engineering

What is Mechatronics Engineering?

Mechatronics is an engineering philosophy consisting of a combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer technology. The main point of this philosophy is to consider these concepts as a whole and integrated organic structure. Mechatronics Engineering is the product-oriented implementation of this philosophy within the engineering applications. Mechatronics Engineering is the philosophy of design and education that provides the development and production of products integrating mechanical, electronic and information technology functionally and physically.


Features of Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering products include smart machines, devices, systems and processes. Mechatronic machines are products and systems that contain mechanical functionality and integrated algorithmic control at the same time. The general characteristics of mechatronic products: they can perceive their environment, make decisions by interpreting the perceived environment, and change their environment. Instead of simple machines, advanced mechatronic products have turned into computer systems that can change environments . According to these basic concepts, it is an engineering philosophy covering mechatronics, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary subjects and an approach integrated to engineering applications (Figure). Mechatronic concepts have influenced design philosophy and engineering education in particular and have caused fundamental changes. Mechatronics Engineering is the product-oriented implementation of this philosophy within the engineering applications.



Figure: Mechatronics and other engineering fields

EMS: Electromagnetic systems, MMY: Mechanical Engineering software, EEMY: Electrical & Electronics Engineering software.



Mechatronics is an engineering approach that can achieve its goal by providing systematic coordination and integration between various engineering disciplines.  The main feature of this approach and mechatronics concepts is the integration of mechanical, electronic and information technology at a feasible level, starting from the design stage of the products. The concept of mechatronics engineering arising from this integration is a concept born and developed as a result of the collection of different engineering technologies on the same product.


Key features that symbolize mechatronics engineering are:

-       It has common elements of other engineering disciplines: Mechatronic engineering bears the traces of all engineering elements more profoundly. In this context, human comfort, health and safety as well as economic criteria are emphasized. As a result, mechatronic products become easily accessible and usable together with their superior qualities.

-       It is a product-oriented approach: It has product-oriented production feature of mechanical engineering. Mechatronic engineering approaches are evolving and taking form around a product.

-       It is a multidisciplinary approach In particular, it has integrated mechanical and electrical/electronics engineering disciplines and software technology together.

-       It is an interdisciplinary approach: With this feature, it may embrace some subjects that do not stand out among other engineering branches.

-       It includes common, increasing and strengthening industrial applications: The development process of mechatronics engineering is now leading industrial developments and its pioneering industrial research.

-       Commercial qualifications and concerns are important in mechatronic products: Being a product-oriented approach, customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction and human comfort have an important place in the definition and structure of mechatronics engineering.

-       Mechatronic products have ergonomic features structurally: Mechatronic products usually provide comfort for their users, take on the ordinary works of users and give the opportunity for them to be more creative and productive.