Mission of the Department:
The mission of the Department of Mechatronics Engineering is to raise leading, creative, researcher, entrepreneur engineers who produce technology in national and international level and are society and environment friendly and prone to teamwork with the synergy created by advanced technology-oriented, dynamic, inter and multidisciplinary programs. 

Mission Components of the Department:
·  Advanced technology-oriented programs: Programs focusing on designing non-existing physical products by means of current technology.
·  Dynamic Programs: Programs which are able to renew themselves and adopt developing technological structure to application and content of courses unlike classical educational programs.
·  Interdisciplinary programs: Programs including common subjects of different engineering fields.
·  Multidisciplinary programs: Programs studying the subjects included within the scope of different engineering fields.
·  Synergy created with these programs: Technology production potential and labor force arising from the application of inter/multidisciplinary and dynamic programs producing and directing advanced technology.
·  National level: Technological level that can meet the needs and targets of our country.
·  International level: Competitive level in meeting global technological needs and targets.
·  Engineers directing and producing technology: Engineers creating technology with necessary knowledge and, thereby, contributing and advancing technological developments.
·  Society and environment friendly engineers: Engineers who do not harm the environment during design, production and application processes and develop socially beneficial technological products.
·  Engineers prone to teamwork: Engineers who produce and direct technology by cooperating with people from their own branch or other branches in group projects in the existing multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary structure with the knowledge gained from the training program.
·  Engineers with advanced leadership skills: Engineers who manage, direct, solve problems and produce alternatives to solutions with the knowledge gained by multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary programs.
·  Creative Engineers: Engineers who have high design capability and can find solutions to problems.
·  Researcher Engineers: Engineers who are not content with the knowledge they have, who follow developments, research and try to acquire new knowledge.
· Entrepreneur Engineers: Engineers who do not hesitate to take responsibility.