Design Methodology and Behavior Based Robotics Laboratory

Mission: Education (Undergraduate, Master's, Doctorate), Research

Founding date: 2011

Laboratory Sponsor: Atılım Üniversitesi

In engineering design process, conceptual design involves informal description of functions and intended behaviours, which will be elaborated towards a well-defined engineering system in terms of the physical components and corresponding physical behaviours at the end of the complete design cycle. Intended behaviours should be represented and simulated by a domain-independent approach for conceptual design of mechatronic systems. Design Methodology and Behaviour Based Robotics Laboratory is dedicated to investigate design methodologies for mechatronic design artifacts, to develop and implement a systematic behaviour based design methodology for robots at the conceptual design level.




Name  Function
Artifex Petri Net modelling and simulation



Behavior Based Modeling at Conceptual Robot Design and Desktop Design of Educational Robots

Relevant Institution/ Organization: Atılım Üniversitesi
Beginning-ending date: 01.02.2011-31.01.2013
Summary: This research project is focused on the development of a behaviour based design methodology which is composed of conceptual representation including functional decomposition, modelling and simulation of the intended operational behaviour for a mechatronic system using Discrete Event System Specification formalism and Petri Nets, and implementation of the behavior on a distributed physical structure (called Desktop Design Model) with all mechatronic/mechanical/ electronic elements and interfaces independent of geometric and dynamical parameters of the system. Behaviour based design methodology is implemented on educational robots and the completed case studies are a line following robot, a dog robot a cockroach robot, an pick packing AGV and a frog robot.


Laboratory personnel:

Prof. Dr. Zühal ERDEN



Engineering Faculty - A2 Block No. B3012 • • T. 0312 5868373