Flying Robotics and Robotic Vehicles Laboratory

Mission: Research

Founding date: 2008

Laboratory Sponsor: Atılım Üniversitesi

Design of standard and novel flying robots, ground-air integrated robotic multi-vehicle systems, design of inertial measurement units integrated with optical flow, personal transporters, robotic vehicles, hybrid electrical vehicles are the basic research fields.

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 An Autonomous Air Vehicle with 3 Rotarywings (3DÖHAT)

Relevant Institution/ Organization: Bilim, Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakanlığı, SE Savunma ve Havacılık Ltd., / SANTEZ Project,
Beginning-ending date: March 2012 – August 2013
Summary: In this Project, an autonomous air vehicle (3DÖHAT) with 3 tilting rotors that is capable of performing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), outdoor and indoor flight. 3DöHat will be a basic platform that can be utilized in civil and military applications. Platform can fly in both underactuated and fullyactuated modes. Fully actuated mode reveals high level of maneuvrability. Onboard camera is tha basic payload of the platform. For outdoor performance, robust controllers are designed. In the following days, outdoor test will start.





Laboratory personnel:

Assist. Prof. Dr. Bülent İrfanoğlu



Engineering Faculty - A2 Block No. B3012 • • T. 0312 5868373